Junior bike for youths aged 11-15 years (from approximately 155 cm tall).

  • Aluminum frame 7 gears
  • X5 puncture-proof tires.
  • Comes with a lock.
  • Quick release at the saddle.
  • Luggage carrier and fenders.



Please provide the youth's age and height in centimeters when booking.

E-bike FAQ

Electric Bikes

We have different models of electric bikes available in our range - all with different features.

Our electric bikes are carefully selected and are not equipped with the longest battery life on the market, as they are used for rental purposes.

We state a range of 25 km on the battery to avoid disappointing our renters. Often, the battery lasts much longer with proper use of the bike.

General Usage

The majority of our electric bikes need to be turned on using a display or an on/off button on the left side of the handlebar near the grip.

Additionally, there is a + button and a - button to adjust the assistance from the battery.

The more assistance you use during your ride, the faster the battery will be depleted.

When braking on the bike, you should stop pedaling both pedals simultaneously to avoid a "jerk" in the bike.

General safety advice for using electric bikes can be found here [link to safety advice].


A charging cable is included with all our electric bikes.

Please bring your own extension cord / cable reel for charging the bike at the vacation home. Not all houses are equipped with an outdoor power outlet. Similarly, the battery cannot be removed from our bikes.

Battery Range

The average battery range depends on the rider of the bike, terrain, and weather conditions. Using a lot of assistance from the battery without pedaling will significantly reduce the range.

Using the bike in strong winds and headwinds, or on cold days with low temperatures, will also affect the battery range, which will be significantly reduced.


Some bikes also have an on/off button on the handlebars as well as a button on the battery on the rear carrier. (For example, cargo bikes).

If you can't turn on your electric bike, you can check that the button on the battery is turned on.

Bike Lights

Most of our electric bikes are equipped with lights at the front and rear of the bike, which are controlled by the battery and a command from the display.

The method for turning on the lights varies from bike to bike, so follow these tips:

  • Quickly double-click the ON/OFF button on the display on the handlebars.
  • Hold down the ON/OFF button on the display until the lights turn on.
  • Hold down the + button until the light turns on.

Bike Helmet recommends wearing a bike helmet at all times when using our equipment.

General safety rules regarding the use of electric bikes can be found [here].

How to book

  1. Start by selecting the dates within the period you wish to rent.

  2. Add equipment and bikes to your cart and proceed to checkout.

  3. Fill in your name and address for the vacation home where the bikes will be delivered and picked up.

  4. Complete the order with your preferred payment method and receive an automatic confirmation via email.

  5. The bikes will be delivered to your vacation home. It is not necessary for you to be present for either the delivery or pick-up of the bikes.

The bikes will be dropped off at your vacation home before your arrival, and when you're ready to depart, simply return the bikes to where they were found, with the keys in the locks and any chargers in a plastic bag in the bike basket - And we'll pick up the bikes again!


With a comprehensive insurance policy, you won't have to pay for damages that occur to your rented bike, trailer, or other equipment in case of, for example, traffic accidents, vandalism, theft*, or if others cause damage without leaving a contact card.

Without comprehensive insurance, according to Danish law, you are obligated to return the rented items in the same condition as when you rented them.

This means that you'll have to pay for a new bike or repairs if the rented item is stolen or damaged – regardless of whether it's your fault or not.

However, you'll never have to pay for normal wear and tear resulting from regular use.

Note that theft is not covered if the bike was left unlocked at the time of the theft.

Junior bike (11-15 years)

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In addition, there is a delivery fee for bookings under 7 days.

Junior bike for youths aged 11-15 years (from approximately 155 cm tall).



Please provide the youth's age and height in centimeters when booking. © 2024