Are you looking for a bike for just a day or a few days - Right now?

It is possible for you to rent a bike directly at one of our partners - You just have to pick-up and return the bikes back directly at our partners.

Hvidesandebike.dk is an internet-based bike rental service without a showroom - So the bikes must be either delivered at your vacationhome or picked up and returned at one of our partners.

The prices at our pickup points are not the same as when delivering the bicycles to the holiday home via www.hvidesandebike.dk.

Our partners offer a limited selection of bikes, but many options can be ordered for the following day!


Hvide Sande:


Numitvej 3

6960 Hvide Sande



Letkøb Vedersø

Øhusevej 23, Vedersø Klit

6990 Ulfborg


Stop by one of our partners to find out which bikes are available and their prices.

Important! If you rent bikes by the day from one of the partners mentioned above, you are responsible for picking up and returning the rented bikes yourself.

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