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Bike routes

Bike routes along the west coast

All along the Danish west coast you can find a bikeroute which goes by the name “Vestkystruten” (Bike route no. 1). The bike route stretches from north to south and you can actually continue down the west coast of Germany. “Vestkystruten” has a length of 560 km and takes you along the sea, fjord and forest. It is Denmark's longest signposted bike route and gives you a glimpse of how variating the Danish nature can be.

On this site we have collected the best bike routes in the area along the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord, so you can find a route that suits you and your type of holiday. We have listed a wide variety of routes which is equally suited for family outings, mountain biking and exercising routes. Learn about the different routes below.

Bike routes in Hvide Sande

The best about the bike routes in Hvide Sande is that they are put in between the dunes. You will ride through the holiday house areas, the dunes and the town.

Hvide Sande – Nymindegab

Go on this unique bike route and discover the sea and fjord. The route stretches from Hvide Sande to Nymindegab where you cycle along the long isthmus that divides the waters between the fjord and the North Sea. The narrowest point of the isthmus is just 500 meters from the North Sea and the fjord and you will find it just south of Hvide Sande. The route will take you on paved bike path and small gravel roads. It is therefore advantageous to ride a bike in good quality and with wide tires, so the chance of puncture is less lightly to happen.
On the route you will experience local sights and large dune areas with no houses as they have been green belted. The route winds its way through several holiday home areas as well and is a little over 23 km long.

Hvide Sande - Søndervig

If you would like to experience a cycle route with water on both sides of the bike path then this bike route may be for you. The route from Søndervig to Hvide Sande takes you all the way along the coast, so you are on your right hand all along the North Sea and your left side the fjord.

Hvide Sande - Ringkøbing

If you want to visit a larger town and go shopping and visit restaurants, you can take the route that stretches along the water directly to Ringkøbing. From Hvide Sande you have to cycle north towards Søndervig. From Søndervig you can follow the northern part of the fjord and enjoy the beautiful scenery of looking down the fjord. It's a very beautiful ride as well Ringkøbing is well worth a visit with its charming cafes, restaurants and shops selling everything from local art to commercial shops and shopping.

Bicycle routes in Søndervig

In Søndervig you will find a bike route that extends from Søndervig to Nymindegab. On the route, you will experience the amazing the Danish West coast nature and you will cycle on paved and gravel road. The route is along the coast and is 35 km long.

Soendervig - Ringkøbing

From Søndervig you can cycle to Ringkøbing all the way along the fjord. The bike route was established many years ago by the Tourism Association and takes you through the beautiful scenery of the area. The route stretches along the water and that is primarily gravel path all the way. The route was laid many years before the paved road between Søndervig and Ringkøbing came. If you wish to cycle on paved roads there are a great cycle path all the way along the coast which gives you the ultimate panoramic views of the fjord.

Mountain bike routes in the west coast

Are you into outright mountain biking holiday or just a few days in the hilly terrain, the west coast is an obvious choice. Here you can see an overview of mountain bike routes in Hvide Sande community.

Femhøjsande Plantation

Near Ringkøbing is the plantation Femhøjsande Plantage which offers a 7 km long mountain bike route. If you are more into high hills and steep descents this may not be a route for you as it is very flat. The route is however technically difficult and gives you ample opportunity to improve your technical skills on the bike.

Useful information about Femhøjsande Plantation: The route is a dog forest. It is important to maintain a distance from other guests. There is parking available.

Blåbjerg Klitplantage

Close to Henne Strand is Blåbjerg dune plantation which has three mountain bike trails:

Green track 4 km: The green trail is perfect for beginners.
Black track 7 km: This track is among the most technical in West Jutland in hilly terrain filled with descents and many technical passages.
White trails 13 km: The white route is the longest in Blåbjerg dune plantation and has several difficult passages.

You can find a mountain bike route for everyone where both beginners and the more experienced cyclists can try their hand at the hilly terrain. The trails are well-marked and is a combination of gravel and forest paths. 70% of the routes are single track, so therefore keep an eye out for other cyclists on the tracks. The route starts at the parking lot just off Blåbjerg Monument.


You can also go cycling along the west coast route which actually extends all the way from the Danish / German border to the tip of Denmark at Skagen. Through the route you will find plenty of places to take breaks and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Read more about the local cycling routes here.

Are we missing a route?

If you discover a new route that we are not familiar with, feel free to write to us at info@hvidesandebike.dk so we can get them on the list.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

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