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  • Delivery at your holiday home

Delivery areas

We cover a large area in the westjutlandish westcoast.

Even though we call ourselves hvidesandebike.dk – We cover many areas in the westjutlandish westcoast.

From Henne Strand in the south to Vedersø Klit in the north we delivery to many areas:

- Henne Strand
- Houstrup
- Lønne
- Nymindegab
- Bjerregård
- Haurvig
- Årgab
- Hvide Sande
- Nr. Lyngvig
- Klegod
- Søndervig
- Lodberg Hede
- Houvig
- Vedersø Klit

We make it easy and comfortable to rent bikes on during your vacation!

Book online today! We delivery and pick the bikes up the bikes directly and FREE at your holiday home.

Explore the natur on the westcoast as it shold be – on 2 wheels!

About Hvide Sande Bike

Hvidesandebike.dk delivers great quality bikes directly at the door of your holiday home. Rent you bike online before your holiday and save time during your stay.

It is very easy. You just need to find the bike of your choice in our wide range of bikes and book it online before your arrival. The bike will then be waiting for you at your holiday home.


If you have any questions or if you should experience problems with the rented bike during your stay you can always contact us. We are ready to help before, during and after your stay to ensure that you get a great biking experience!

Hvidesandebike.dk is based in Hvide Sande but has no physical shop. The bike rental in purely internet-based. But you can always reach us by phone (+45 97 31 36 40) or e-mail (info@hvidesandebike.dk).

Hvide Sande Bike      Fyrvej 10     6960 Hvidesande      Denmark      +45 97 31 36 40      info@hvidesandebike.dk