About us

High quality and quick delivery

Hvide Sande Bike provide high quality bicycles delivered directly to your holiday home.
Book your bike online on our website and save the time and the hassle during your holiday. It is simple and straightforward. Before your arrival, you just order a bike from our wide selection, and it will be waiting for you at the holiday home when you arrive.

Avoid oily fingers

You do not need a repair kit when renting our bicycles. In case of a puncture or other inconveniences –please be assured that we will be with you as quickly as possible. Whether you are at the holiday home or on the go. We either exchange your bike with a new one or make a quick repair on-site. Repairs are included in the price - and we will do it with a smile.


A true Hvide Sande-kin

Hvide Sande Bike is founded by Martin Thygesen, also the owner of Hvide Sande Bakery and your bakery in Klegod. Martin comes from a lineage that goes back many generations here on Holmsland Klit. A true Hvide Sande-kin, which includes a fish auctioneer, a rescuer - who went down with the lifeboat in the big drowning accident in 1951 - and a ship painter. Martin Thygesen became a skilled baker in 1996, and in 2006, he took over Hvide Sande Bakery. Hvide Sande Bike was founded because of visitors' demand for quality bicycles and good service.


Explore the dunes on your bicycle

Hvide Sande, Søndervig and its environs offer a vast variety of scenic cycling routes i.e. dunes, North Sea, heather meadows and Ringkøbing Fjord all providing exceptional nature experiences, especially for cyclists. You can indulge in the calm west coast fresh air and the sound of waves petering out on the beach. Biking will give you the freedom to follow any small path you meet. Explore the West Coast on a bike from Hvide Sande Bike and experience the raw nature at close range.
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