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Bike helmets

When it comes to cycling along the West Coast, safety is a top priority. At, we offer a selection of bike helmets that not only protect you from injuries but also give you peace of mind as you explore the beautiful surroundings, including Søndervig, Bjerregård, and Henne Strand.

A bike helmet is your first line of defense against head injuries in case of an accident. According to, an authorized source of traffic safety advice, a bike helmet can reduce the risk of head injuries by up to 70%, making it an essential piece of equipment for cyclists of all ages.

Our range of bike helmets includes various sizes and designs to meet the needs of both children and adults. All our helmets meet the current safety standards and are designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear, even on longer rides along the coast.

Wearing a bike helmet should be a given for all cyclists, whether you're cycling on roads, trails, or beach promenades. It's a simple investment in your safety and well-being that can make a big difference in case of an accident.

When you book your bike at, you can also add a bike helmet to your reservation for extra safety and peace of mind.

So take the first step towards a safe and enjoyable cycling holiday along the West Coast by ensuring that the whole family is equipped with the necessary safety measures, including a reliable bike helmet from

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