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Bicycle rental on a daily basis

As is an internet-based rental shop, bikes must be picked up and returned to one of our partners.

Our partners only have the bikes that are physically at the stores - but much can be ordered for the next day!

Hvide Sande:


Numitvej 2

6960 Hvide Sande


Letkøb Vedersø

Øhusevej Vedersø Klit 23

6990 Ulfborg


For day rentals of our products, the renter must personally ensure the pickup and return of the rented products.

Can I extend the rental period during my stay?

Yes, you certainly can - provided that the bike is available, of course.

You just need to make a new online booking and explain in the comment field that you would like to extend the rental by x number of days and mention your original booking number.

Can I reserve the bikes?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reserve bikes.

However, the booking can be cancelled up until 14 days before the start of the rental period, subject to a cancellation fee of 110 kroner.

Can I use the bike on the beach?

Yes, just make sure to wash the bike off from sand and mud afterwards.


If you experience problems with the rented equipment - you should contact us as soon as possible for rectification!

Phone: +45 97 31 36 40

between 8.00 - 16.00.

Outside opening hours?

Send us a quick email!

We drive in the different areas almost every day and are more than happy to help as quickly as possible.


Note the following information in the email:

Booking number, what equipment you have, and what the problem is.

Always place the equipment outside the holiday home and we will come to you as quickly as we can!

Contact us as soon as you discover the problem - better sooner than later!

If we are only contacted after the end of the rental period and we have not had the opportunity to rectify, the complaint will not be accepted.

Do I have the option to cancel the bike?

Yes, booked bikes can be canceled up until 2 weeks before the start of the rental period.

Send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Do I need to be present when the bikes are delivered?

No, you do not need to be at the holiday home, neither when we deliver nor when we collect our products.


We deliver the bikes to the holiday home so that they are ready at the holiday home upon your arrival.

We deliver on all days of the week including holidays and public holidays.


The evening before the collection of the rented equipment, we ask you to prepare the equipment where you found it upon arrival at the holiday home - including the key in the lock and possibly the charger in the bike basket.

Then we take the bikes back to the warehouse again.

You do not need to be present or wait for us - as long as all the equipment is outside the holiday home.

Do I need to return the bike after my rental period ends?

No, if we have delivered the bike to you, we will also pick up the bike at your holiday home after the rental period ends.

Remember to leave the bikes at the house as found, with the keys in the lock and possibly the charger in a plastic bag in the bike basket.

Electric Bikes - General

We have various models of electric bikes available in our range - all with different features.

General advice for using electric bikes:

General Use

Most of our electric bikes are turned on via a display or an on/off button on the left side of the handlebar.

Additionally, there are two buttons to adjust the battery assistance.

When you brake on the bike, you should jump off both pedals simultaneously to avoid a "jerk" in the bike.


A charging cable is included with all our electric bikes.

Bring your own extension cord / cable reel for charging the bike at the holiday home. Not all houses are equipped with an external socket.

Battery Range

The average battery range depends on the rider of the bike, terrain, and wind and weather conditions. If you use a lot of assistance from the battery without pedaling yourself, the range decreases significantly.

Using the bike in strong wind and headwind, or on cold days with low temperatures, will also impact the battery range.

Turn On / Off

Some bikes also have an on/off button on the handlebar and such a button on the battery on the rack. (For example, cargo bikes)

If you can't turn on your electric bike, you might want to check that the button on the battery is turned on.

Bike Lights

Most of our electric bikes are equipped with lights at the front and back of the bike, controlled by the battery and a command from the display.

It varies from bike to bike how the lights are turned on - therefore the following advice:

Quickly double-click the ON/OFF button on the display on the handlebar Hold the ON/OFF button on the display until the lights turn on. Hold down the + button until the light turns on

Bicycle Helmet always recommends the use of a bicycle helmet when using our equipment.

General safety rules regarding the use of electric bikes can be found here:

How do I ensure that the children's bike is the right size?

It can be difficult to judge..

But when booking a children's bike, just note the child's height and age in the comment field.

Then we roughly know which size bike we should deliver to you.

If your child is over 150 cm, we recommend a Cityshopping bike for your child.

Is it necessary to book in advance?

If you want to be sure to get bicycles for your vacation, you need to book in advance.

Depending on demand, it unfortunately sometimes happens that bicycles or additional accessories such as trailers are sold out.

We can never completely avoid this, so we always recommend booking well in advance.

Is the delivery and collection of the bikes always included in the price?

If you rent for whole weeks, the delivery at the holiday home and collection after your return home are always included in the rental price.

If you only rent on a daily basis, you pay a fee of 200 kroner for delivery and collection.

Rust on the equipment from

The general wind and weather conditions, as well as the salt-saturated air on the Jutland west coast, mean that our products unfortunately quickly start to look rusty at screws, bolts, racks, and baskets.

We are aware of the problem - But this should not have any impact on the general function of the equipment.

Should I wear a helmet while cycling?

The Council for Greater Road Safety recommends that cyclists always wear a bicycle helmet. advises the same.

REMEMBER! When renting an electric scooter, you MUST wear a bicycle helmet!

Rent a helmet here on the page when you book your bike – so you can safely travel around the west coast.

What do I do if my bike gets a flat tire?

If the bike gets a flat tire, just call at the number: +45 97 31 36 40

Then we will come out and repair or replace the bike with a new one.

This is always included in the price.

Before you call us...

Please first orient yourself to where you are - so we can find you faster right after your call.

Where can I have bicycles delivered?

We deliver bikes exclusively along the West Jutland coast from Henne Strand in the south to Vedersø Klit in the north.

More specifically, in the following areas:

  • Henne Strand
  • Houstrup
  • Lønne
  • Nymindegab
  • Bjerregård
  • Haurvig
  • Årgab
  • Hvide Sande
  • Nr. Lyngvig
  • Klegod
  • Søndervig
  • Lodberg Hede
  • Houvig
  • Vedersø Klit

Which insurance applies?

A comprehensive insurance, but not a liability insurance.

However, the insurance does not apply in case of negligent use of the bike.

The insurance also does not apply in case of theft if the bike was unlocked at the time of the theft.

Who is responsible if my bike gets stolen?

Theft of unlocked bikes is the responsibility of the renter.

Therefore, we recommend that you always park the bike in a supervised area and use the lock whenever the bike is left unattended.

NOTE! This rule does NOT apply on the last day of the rental period. Please leave the bike where you found it with the key in the lock and possibly the charger securely packed in the bike basket. © 2024