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  • Delivery at your holiday home


Esmark Feriehusudlejning

Esmark recommends:

- Hvide Sande Bike offers bikes and other equipment in top quality at reasonable prices
- They provide professional help and service if you need it
- They deliver bikes and equipment directly to your house - and picks it up again you’re your holiday is over

It is as good as it gets! Enjoy!

Esmark is the area's largest, local rental agency. On esmark.dk you can choose between 1,400 lovely and well-located homes in all sizes and price ranges. Esmark offers 24-hour service and has offices in both Bjerregaard and Søndervig.

Westerland Feriehusudlejning

Westerland recommends:

Hvidesandebike.dk when the holiday is to be active. At Hvidesandebike.dk you get quality bikes and equipment to absolutely competitive prices.
Direct delivery to the holiday house – it cant get any easier!

“WESTERLAND.DK is not the area's largest agency though a real local agency with 220 beautiful holiday houses. We believe that personalized service that comes from the heart makes the difference! Try and test it by booking your next holiday with us - and experience the difference!

There is a strong team behind the words Personal Service, and my colleagues and I look forward to welcoming you and your family!

You are sincerely welcome here at WESTERLAND.DK”

Erland Nørgaard, the owner.

Købmand Hansens Feriehusudlejning

Købmand Hansens Feriehusudlejning recommends:

When you are renting a holiday home in Henne Strand, Houstrup or Bork - Is it easy to rent bikes from www.hvidesandebike.dk and get the bikes delivered directly to the frontdoor of you holiday home!

You can leave the car at the holiday home an enjoy the wonderfull nature on one of their many bikes.: city bikes, e-bikes, mountainbikes, fatbike and many more.

All you have to do is visit www.hvidesandebike.dk and they will delivery the day you arrive at your holiday home.

Feriepartner Hvide Sande

Feriepartner Hvide Sande recommends:

Recommend Hvidesandebike.dk when you need to rent a bike for your holiday.
The service is top notch, so you can enjoy nature at Holmsland dune while cycling through the beautiful countryside!

DanWest Feriehusudlejning

DanWest recommends:

DanWest recommend Hvide Sande Bike, because as part of a lovely holiday in the beautiful unique scenery on the west coast you enjoy it on a bike ride. The landscape is perfect for cycling! No big climbs and always fresh air. Each trip will be perfect with a bike delivered directly to your DanWest house from Hvide Sande Bike.

DanWest Holiday house Rental is a firmly entrenched owner-run rental agency on the west coast. We have more than 20 years of experience in the local area with Holiday houses and have the best holiday homes in all categories and price ranges.
Our service minded and friendly staff are ready to welcome you at our offices in Søndervig or Årgab.

We have holiday homes in the attractive areas: Bjerregaard, Skodbjerge, Haurvig, Årgab, Hvide Sande, Nr. Lyngvig, Klegod, Søndervig, Lodbjerg Hede, Houvig, Vester Husby, Nr. Fjand and Stauning, Henne, Houstrup, Lønne, Bork.

Choose DanWest - because the holidays can not be undone!

Yours sincerely
Team DanWest
About Hvide Sande Bike

Hvidesandebike.dk delivers great quality bikes directly at the door of your holiday home. Rent you bike online before your holiday and save time during your stay.

It is very easy. You just need to find the bike of your choice in our wide range of bikes and book it online before your arrival. The bike will then be waiting for you at your holiday home.


If you have any questions or if you should experience problems with the rented bike during your stay you can always contact us. We are ready to help before, during and after your stay to ensure that you get a great biking experience!

Hvidesandebike.dk is based in Hvide Sande but has no physical shop. The bike rental in purely internet-based. But you can always reach us by phone (+45 97 31 36 40) or e-mail (info@hvidesandebike.dk).

Hvide Sande Bike      Fyrvej 10     6960 Hvidesande      Denmark      +45 97 31 36 40      info@hvidesandebike.dk